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MemePR provides PR Experts x AI Marketing Platform for Brands & Agencies
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Services by our partners from 10+ regions
Cooperate your work with some of the most popular blogger and Youtuber on Social Media. Content management. Getting crazy amount of Likes and Shares and be the next viral topic that people talk about on internet!
Helping the enhancement of the brand or help to rebranding your brand.
Providing one stop service for event hosting. From the beginning until the end of the event, we will help you to manage it all, such as inviting host, arranging the venue, stage-lighting effect, music arrangement and creating event inventory and more.
Various types of advertisement: TV, Broadcasting, Newspaper, Magazine, Campaign AD and Online ad on Social Media.
Managing your brand topic, making sure your brand stay trendy on the internet. Keeping everyone pay attention to your brand!
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Fan Page Management
Creating exclusive and personalized Facebook Page or WeChat official account to increase the number of Share from the user.
Media Exposure
Increase the News Exposure, Enhance the product's search rate and search engine optimization (SEO).
Branding Enhancement
Target audience analysis, Recommendation from legit celebrity, Enhance consumer confidence, Increase brand awareness.
Viral Strategy
Full-scale brand image building, Strategic marketing planning, Hot Topic creating, Increate brand's exposure rate, Making the product go viral instantly.
Legend Storytelling
Create a brand story, Enhance the image of the founder, Telling the core concept of the company, Increase the publicity of the brand, Upgrading company image.
Our Clients
Successful stories
Unbox Happiness
Within 2 months of launch, every round of new product was sold out immediately. Within just 1 month, their memeber number soared to more than 8,000.
Maker Faire Taipei
We are going to co-organize the annual event of Maker Faire in Taipei through 3-5 Nov, 2017. It is expected that there will be 60,000+ visitors and the teams from 100+ colleges participating the hackathon.
New Southbound Event
Under New Southern Policy, MemePR is one of the pioneer marketing services to Singapore and Malaysia, having USD8M MOU achieved in Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Partner Network
1000+ partners from 10+ regions
Our partners are from the US, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, and more.

Using MemePR's media platform, you can easily turn the marketing job to the local professional agency, saving you time and money.

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