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About MemePR Team

For our partners, MemePR is a really dynamic and sweet team; for our clients, MemePR is such a low profile but awesome one. Well, we would say that MemePR is a small and young team that learns quick and grows fast.

MemePR is doing cross-border marketing business so we have a global team, members come from different countries and different kind of languages, such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Japanese, Taiwan dialects, are going on in our office.

We believe in the motto:"Work Hard, Play Hard" While we might be looking dead serious when we are working in the office but we can get quite wild when we start to party.

So, DO NOT apply if you are a 9-to-5er, love to work alone, not sharing,not pushing yourself to limit or you're a bored dull boy like Jack.


As a founder that pathetically adding the average age of a yearly ten-folded growing MemePR, we believe the future we create and treasure everyone joining us. Other than learning opportunities and our adaptive career development plan, your work is highly appreciated and rewarded, even for those leaves at midst, we are always there to offer our best endeavour to help.

Culture in MemePR

Everyone in our team is highly focused at work, so newbie, you need courage, the courage to speak up your mind, raise questions, ignite discussion actively, even calling the founder to dead when sometimes urgently needed and he is not in office, as he usual does. It is the age of internet, workspace is everywhere.

We don't do drama here at MemePR. In the lean structure, everybody can be challenged for an issue, but it won't be anything personal. We encourage questions and initiatives, where #right question is bliss, we inspire one another,brainstorming in a mild and sexy way without emotional at all.

We are giving you the stage to unleash your talent and potential. Self discipline determines how far you can go. No one is spying on your work progress before milestone reached. When time is up, let’s do review and we need to make things happen not only get things done.

Nevertheless, we gotta say goodbye, with tears but no mercy, to those not fit into our DNA or those can't keep up with the pace. Clear cut is the way we survive at the battlefield of disruption and every cloud has its silver lining.

/ You notice it? Traits of #Memer /
#Be good listener, communicate well
#Be brave, think out of the box and break the norms
#Take initiatives and make your hands dirty
#Get things happen not just get it done
#Be self disciplinary
#most importantly, we convince you what MemePR can do, and it is your joyous bloom to be part of MemePR
We are not only creating a “win-win” situation for our working partners and clients but also for those who joins MemePR. A quote from our founder who was a curve wrecker (well, apparently not now), “We don't need A Teammates promoting with big leaps separately. We need an A Team that are mutually supportive and moves towards the same goal.
We have several interest groups to learn french, japanese, english, cantonese, taiwan dialect, marketing know-how, all spontaneously initiated by Memers, no guarantee on teaching quality and you can learn alot with your own efforts. Join for free and join for fun.
Thanks for reading the above, if you still think you are #Memer, love the culture we create, please send your CV to
Software Engineer
  • Around 3-5 years of experience in software development
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS/React, Ruby on Rails/Node.js, and Python.
  • Solid experience with object-oriented programming, system design, deployment and working with databases.
  • knowledge in building/maintaining platforms are preferred.
In case there is yet to have opening for the post you are interested, and you are so keen to join MemePR, send us your CV and tell us why you are the Memer we are looking for.
United States


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